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Welcome at The MFB Club Wiki!

This is the MFB Club, a group in which we talk about random things and sometimes have to counter attacks from people. It was officially created in 2012, although there were many groups that preceded it during 2011. Dedicated to the dead persona known as MTHERFUCKINGBARNEY, who had fought two sources of evil.

We have only one main rule: be honest. Have something to say? Don't like something? Feel disappointed? Say so. Don't try to get your message across with shady methods (eg.: sockpuppetry), honesty is the only good and effective way to do so.


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List of MFB Club members



  • Doomer: Had a fight with us and then claimed he left the Internet. He hid until July 8th, 2013, when he returned to YouTube (being given the imposter account Doomer1016), though he has changed his attitude and has promised not to attack anybody. He has decided not to return to the MFB Club, however.
  • HcFortan: No apparent reason.
  • Lumpy: Stated the group just wasn't his thing anymore. Has revisited a couple times in mid-2016.
  • Mega Bowser: Left the Internet for unknown reasons, although most of his accounts are still open.
  • MFB: MTHERFUCKINGBARNEY, the former leader of the MFB Club, left for personal reasons. His YouTube account was suspended as well.
  • Otter: The group disappointed him. The main reason for this was its way of dealing with drama, but he made it clear that he was discontented with the group in general.
  • Queen: No apparent reason.
  • Speng: He was tired of the group, its people and the fights in March 2013 (these have stopped since), but most of the time he started these fights in one way or another. He is partly to blame for the chaos during the WWE Era of the group.
  • Superfan1998: Unknown. Most likely for bastardizing the Murkekow Franchise with Sonic stuff
  • Superaweeged00: Left the Murkekow Franchise.
  • Whata: Having almost no accounts on the Internet, he seems to have disappeared after the club abandoned XAT (where he was mostly active).
  • WeegeeDiscipleMaster: No apparent reason. Most likely boredom.


The idiots we have to deal with. Those are here.


Message to MFB Club members

Please make some accounts here so we can get this site looking a hell of a lot better than it is!